[II] On-the-ground investigations

1. Identifying housing typologies

The second phase is to observe the effect of the decisions on the neighborhood. This step is the “on-the-ground” research that I underwent in the neighborhood and had an excursion to Imamzadeh Yahya for two months in August and September 2021. [Figure 25]. This excursion was for me not only helpful for gathering more data on the status quo of the neighborhood but also a good chance to observe the impact of Bavand’s studies on the neighborhood after 5-6 years as well as visit housing blocks and interview the local stakeholders. The findings in this chapter are a combination of observing the impact of the studies that have been done on Imamzadeh

Yahya with self-reflection on them, attached with the photo essays of the neighborhood and reproduction of the Bavand map of Imamzadeh Yahya. The mentioned finding topics are an adaptation from the Urban Design Lab Handbook: emerging topics with case studies on Latin American cities that contribute a lot to the studies that have been done for the historic core of Tehran. They refer to the neighborhood’s challenges in spatial and cultural dimensions and it is a starting point to develop a toolbox of urban strategies for the neighborhood that can be further used for other neighborhoods of Tehran and elsewhere. (Krebs and Tomaselli 2019, 31).