Academy of Architecture Culture  Workshop
Team work with Sofia Ruff, Till Griesemann, Hirad Narimannejad

The autumn workshop of the aac Academy for Architectural Culture was for the first time dedicated to the architecture and cultural exchange between Germany and Iran. For this purpose, the integration of Iran's first airport site, the former Ghale Morghi military airport, into the urban life of the capital Tehran was chosen as the workshop task. A scenario that is currently being discussed in Tehran. Due to the real background of the task at hand, a valuable contribution was made to the public in Tehran.

The closure of Ghale Morghi Airport created an inner-city open space of approx. 270 hectares, comparable in size and location to the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, which is primarily

intended to become a redesigned park of Iranian garden art for the citizens of Tehran. Furthermore, four quarters are planned with the respective focus on religion, urban administration, science and cultural interaction.

The north-western plot of an already developed master plan was chosen as the nucleus for the development of the entire area, on which the quarter for cultural interaction should be designed by the participants as a place of closeness to the citizen, communication and integration, an urban ensemble of culture and event center, library , Cinema complex and bazaar.