Student Research Opportunities Program
Berlin University Alliance

WiSe/ SoSe 2021-22
Supervision of Prof. Dr. Angela Million

The seminar called “Reconstructing the change, designing a toolbox of strategies” is taking a critical look at the challenges of neighborhoods that couldn't follow up the rapid development of big cities like Tehran and therefore are less efficient in comparison to other service centers, especially in contexts that the governments are either unwilling or unable to deliver land and services. There are plenty of case studies in cities of Latin America and South Africa, while there have been fewer investigations in Middle East contexts. The purpose of this seminar is to explore various discourses about social engagement namely structuring planning and urban development in the context of Tehran and with the case study of the Imamzadeh Yahya neighborhood. The aim of the X-tutorial seminar is to review the topic from different discipline’s lenses such as students from Historical Urban Studies, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture Typology, Architectural Restoration, Civil Engineers, Political Science, Sociology, History and Culture Studies, as well as Geography and Urban Economy students of the Berlin network (FU, HU, and TU) and other disciplines by arrangement. The goal is to learn from each other's academic backgrounds by working on the same research topic and gathering a set of tools and potential positive processes as a common language.